The Rosemount Area Arts Council supports two theater groups - Front Porch Players and Second Act Players of Rosemount.

Front Porch Players is a community theater based out of the Steeple Center in Rosemount, MN.  
This group formed in 2013 and produces plays for all ages and levels of actors: from Melodramas, to Improv, to full length Broadway plays. Everyone is invited to audition for these performances. The Front Porch Players of Rosemount has produced several shows over the past few years, including Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, Same Time Next Year, A Fine Monster YOU Are, Murder Among Friends along with several melodramas and Mystery Dinner Theaters.

Winter 2019 production:  "On Golden Pond " by Ernest Thompson.  Performances on March 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th. 
See the Front Porch Players Page for more details.
Front Porch Players Page
Winter 2018 production: "Murder Among Friends",  directed by Keith Reed.
"Murder Among Friends"    
This comedy/mystery has been described as “Clever, amusing, and very surprising." - The New York Times; and "A slick, sophisticated show that is modern and very funny." - WABC TV. 
Take an aging, exceedingly vain actor; his very rich wife; a double dealing, double loving agent; plunk them down in an elegant New York duplex and add dialogue crackling with wit and laughs and what do you have? The basic elements for an evening of pure, sophisticated entertainment! Angela, the wife and Ted, the agent, are lovers and plan to murder Palmer, the actor, during a contrived robbery on New Year's Eve. But actor and agent are also lovers and have an identical plan to do in the wife. A murder occurs, but not one of the planned ones.
Second Act Players of Rosemount
The Second Act Players is a  theater group for seniors 50 and over, based out of the Steeple Center in Rosemount, MN.  They were established in 2015 through a grant for senior theater. Several plays are produced each year. 
​​Spring 2019 Production:  "Uff Da."   
Performances will be on Friday May 3rd  at 7 pm and Saturday May 4th at 2 pm and 7 pm.
See the Second Act Players Website for more information.
Second Act Players website
Summer 2018 Production:  "The Girls of Autumn" by Paul Barile
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​​Summer 2018 Production:  "The Girls of Autumn" by Paul Barile. 
Some sample photos at right. Performances were on August 10 and 11.  See the Second Act Players Website for more information.
Second Act Players website
Spring 2018 production: "What Really Happened at St. Anthony's" 
Directed by Charlotte Kodner.
"What Really Happened at St. Anthony's"
This was an original play is a complilation of three vignettes written by Second Act Player members.  This fun show highlighted several humorous events that took place at the fictional St. Anthony's Catholic Church.  "Growing Up Catholic" was written by Carmine Olson and Jean Crewson.  It demonstrated how easily a group of Ladies' Aid Society members can get distracted from their assigned task when reminiscing about life growing up in the Catholic church.  "And Then Their Were Nuns' was written by Keith Reed.  It showcased one of those memories describing what happened when a convict snuck into the convent.  "Bingo Buddies was written by Faye Heffele.  The church put on their weekly bingo night, showing how a bingo game affected the lives of two former "Bingo Buddies"