STAR  WARS  Extravaganza - Photos and Contest Results
March 28 and 30, 2019

Fun was had by all as the 501st Legion Central Garrison showed up in costume!

Door Prize Winners 

1st Place Elaine Habiger
2nd David Blegen
3rd Ruth Kinsella
4th Jackson Thunker
5th Becca Grider
6th Colleen Whyte
Prizes can be picked up at the Robert Trail Library

Trivia Contest Winners 

Three people tied for first place with one wrong answer.
1st Amanda Koschmann
2nd Brandon Chant
3rd Logan Chatleaih

Trivia Contest Answers 

These were the questions and answers:
1) What character was accused of always thinking with his stomach? Chewbacca
2) What creature caused C-3PO to shriek, "Go away! Beastly thing. Shoo! Shoo!
A Mynock
3) What did the Imperials plant on the Falcon before the ship escaped the Death Star? A Homing Beacon
4) Who told C-3PO to shut up when he recited the odds of surviving a Star Destroyer assault? Princess Leia
5) Who was Luke Skywalker's gunner during the BATTLE OF hOTH? DACK
6) What star system was the Falcon in when it detached itself from the Avenger? The Anoat System.
7) How many digits does Yoda have on each hand? Three
8) Who broke the neck chain Jabba had leashed to Princess Leia? R2-D2
9) Who was Luke hoping to save when he left the Ewok village? Darth Vadar
10) What Ewok stole a speeder bike to distract Imperial forces on Endor? Paploo
11) What weapons did the Ewoks use for their surprise attack on the Stormtroopers? Bows and Arrows
12) What did the Ewoks use as drums during their victory celebration? Stormtrooper Helmets

Come and join us for our STAR WARS Extravaganza   FREE!
Sponsored by RAAC, Friends of Robert Trail Library, and
Dakota County Library, Robert Trail Branch

Please bring a non-perishable food donation
for the local food shelf.

Thursday March 28 -  6 pm-7pm
"Learn how to draw Star Wars Characters" class at the Robert Trail Library on Thursday the 28th. Register at the Library.

Saturday March 30 - 10 am to 1 pm
Featuring Star Wars Characters from the 501st Legion Central Garrison
Come in costume
Many photo opportunities
Door prizes, 
free caricatures 
craft activities
Laser printing demonstration
Logo Star wars display
Trivia contest
and more