Meet The Author Series​​

"Meet The Author" is held at the Robert Trail Library, 14395 S. Robert Trail Rosemount, MN 55068. This  program is co-sponsored by RAAC and the Library.  (Except the April 16 event will be at the Steeple Center.)

Each event runs from 6:00 - 7:30 pm. The program begins with an author presentation about their self, their  book and writing style, followed by Q&A and book selling and autographing by the author.

Cookies and water are furnished.  
FREE Event!

See below for detailed descriptions of each author and their books.


“The Hardest Lot of Men …”: The Third Minnesota Infantry in the Civil War

Genre is History

APRIL 16, 2020

The Steeple Center has cancelled all programs and meetings through May 1st.

Outstanding in appearance, discipline, and precision at drill, the Third Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was often mistaken for a regular army unit. Rebel Colonel Ponder described the regiment as “the hardest lot of men he’d ever run against.” Betrayed by its higher commanders, the Third Minnesota was surrendered to Nathan Bedford Forrest on July 13, 1862, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Holly Jorgenson

  BOOK TITLE:  Enchanted - Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life

Genre: Memoir/ecology/self-help
Audience: Adult

MARCH 19, 2020

Why “Holly on the Lake”? Because it’s easier to remember than recalling that my name is spelled with the Danish “sen”! And because I want to share my simple world on this little lake and so many others I have loved. I live lightly on the earth and close to the land, using recycled and found goods almost exclusively in all areas of my life. I find an abundance of creative joy, financial freedom, and spiritual peace in this lifestyle and love to share it through my speaking and writing.

Chris Norbury

BOOK TITLES:  Straight River and Castle Danger

Genre is mystery-suspense-thriller
For adult audiences

MARCH 19, 2020

The library has cancelled all programs and meetings through April 19th.

STRAIGHT RIVER, the prequel to the award-winning thriller CASTLE DANGER, is a mystery-thriller set during the emotional and financial aftermath of the Great Recession.
After his estranged father dies in a farming accident, professional musician Matt Lanier returns to his hometown of Straight River, Minnesota. While he’s settling his father’s estate, an old family friend and neighbor asks Matt for help. Her husband's recent death was ruled a suicide. She insists it wasn’t. If she can’t disprove that ruling, she’ll lose her farm.


BOOK TO BE PRESENTED:  Don’t Put the Boats Away

Genre is historical fiction.
Audience is adults.

FEBRUARY 20, 2020

In the aftermath of World War II, the members of the Sutton family are reeling from the death of their “golden boy,” Eddie. Over the next twenty-five years, they all struggle with loss, grief, and mourning. Daughter Harriet and son Nat attempt to fill the void Eddie left behind: Harriet becomes a chemist despite an inhospitable culture for career women in the 1940s and ’50s, hoping to move into the family business in New Jersey, while Nat aims to be a jazz musician. Both fight with their autocratic father, George, over their professional ambitions as they come of age. 


BOOK TO BE PRESENTED: Nightfall (2018)

OTHER BOOKS: Freefall (2017), Windfall (2015), Downfall (2014), Poised to Kill (2004), Bound to Die (2002)

Genre: Mystery-Suspense-Thriller
Audience: Adult

JANUARY 16, 2020

Paraplegic attorney Pen Wilkinson, fighting through horrific flashbacks from a previous case, returns to Minnesota to investigate the murder of a candidate for governor. Is the murder a crime of passion, a political assassination, or part of a larger scheme? Fighting opposition from both police and the minority community, Pen presses ahead, unraveling the explosive secret of the thirty-year-old police shooting of a civil rights leader.