Loft Literary Classes

We're excited to announce our partnership with the Loft Literary Center to offer Loft classes in Rosemount.

Date:   Wednesday February 13, 2019     1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Personal Writing: The Perfect Place to Start

Writing is an often overlooked art form that is easily accessible, but can be intimidating. This class is designed to remove the roadblocks and awaken the writer in you. You will begin your writing journey by recording your thoughts and recalling memories using prompts to spark your creativity. We will then explore how these beginnings can become the foundation to springboard into other styles and formats (poetry, fiction, essay, memoir) as you discover your unique writing voice and purpose.
Teaching Artist:  Peter Blau
Genre:  Basics   Adult
Location:  Rosemount Steeple Center, 14375 S. Robert Trail, Rosemount MN 55068
Level:   Open to All Levels
Number of Sessions:  1
Cost:  $52.50 Regular    $36.75 Low Income

About Peter Blau
Peter Blau teaches adults and children in a variety of venues, and is a recipient of an award from Mpls/St Paul magazine for his work at a women's correctional facility.
His primary goal is to make writing approachable to all his students. In his classes, students explore various genres to help them discover their unique writing voice and style. Peter provides a supportive classroom environment for students as they move through their personal writing journey.

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