Library Gallery                                                          
 The Robert Trail Library is located at  14395 South Robert Trail in Rosemount.
Including Monthly Student Art Exhibitions
RAAC partners with Friends of The Robert Trail Library.  In the Library is a gallery containing various displays. 
Currently on Display: 
“Front Pages: Newspapers Through History”
as assembled by the Rosemount Area Arts Council,
the 135-year-old Dakota County Tribune and Sun Thisweek. 

In an increasingly digital age, many news stories are vanishing as internet server capacity fills up and old archives are deleted. 
The Library of Congress and other preservers of history are doing their best to capture digital news, but in some ways a print newspaper is still the best way to disseminate information and preserve our history. 

​The goals of this exhibit are to allow people to enjoy, think about and start discussions about these pieces of art history. 

There will be special reception on Tuesday, Aug. 20 from 5-8 pm, called “Your History in Newspapers.”

Student Art Exhibitions 2019-2020

The Rosemount Area Arts Council is proud to partner with The Friends of the Robert Trail Library to present monthly "Student Art Exhibitions" at the Robert Trail Library on the first Sunday of the month from 2-3 pm. We feature a different local school every month, hosting a reception so the student artists can show off their work to their family and friends. Refreshments are served, and the kids eyes just light up when they can show their work at such an event. The public is welcome!​​
Schedule for 2019-2020:
November  3rd - Diamond Path
December 1st - East Lake
January 5th - Rosemount Middle
February  2nd - St. Josephs
March 1st - Red Pine
April 5th - Shannon Park
May 3rd - Rosemount

Rosemount Elementary School - April 7, 2019

​Pictured, left to right, are John Loch of RAAC and the Friends, Jade Cabagnot, Robert Trail librarian, Karin Farrington, RES art specialist, Evan Ross, first grade artist, his mother Stacy, father Jon, and sister Amelia. The student work will be displayed during the month of April.