King Wilkie's Dream - Bluegrass Concert
Friday March 29, 2019

Friday, March 29, 2019, 7:00 pm
Tickets $20, RAAC members $16.

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King Wilkie's Dream Tickets 

King Wilkie’s Dream is a four-piece bluegrass band. Bluegrass in the, “modern, anything-can-happen” sense, rather than, “the Stanley Brothers are the best bluegrass band that ever lived” sense. If the Stanley Brothers reference means nothing to you, that is OK. focus on the, “modern, anything can happen” part. As individuals, we like all kinds of music, and we bring a lot of different musical experiences into the mix of what we do. The list is too long to go into here, and really, past performance, while certainly enhancing the proficiency of the player, is no indication of current and future musical leanings. A typical show will include bluegrass, classic country, original numbers, and even a little vintage pop. We appeal to hipsters and traditionalists alike, all ages, and all demographics, because the music is good, and the vocals will knock your socks off. Give us a listen.