Gratitude Wall Community Project 2018-2019

The Gratitude Wall will be at the following
Steeple Center
      BOB - The Music of Bob Dylan
             Saturday November 2 at 7 pm 
     Veteran's Day Concert
             Friday October 8 at 7 pm

Robert Trail Library
     Book Giveaway
              Sunday October 27 at 2 pm 
     Student Art Reception
              Sunday November 3 at 2 pm

RAAC unveiled the new community art project "The Gratitude Wall" on Nov 1, 2018 at the RAAC Ten Year Anniversary Celebration.  A view of trees and a sunset was painted on pegboard by artist Laura Baker.  Members of the community are invited to write notes of gratitude which will be placed in the peg holes.  The piece will be brought to different venues over the next twelve months to allow as many people as possible to participate.
What have people been saying that they are grateful for so far?  Click here to see.