Art Gallery

Current artists on display are Sharon Herland (alcohol ink artist) and Bill Kuhn (photographer). 

                              Bill Kuhn (Photographer) 

Sharon Herland (Alcohol Ink)

Norm Crouch (Photographer) and Jim Keefe (artist/cartoonist)

On Wednesday Nov. 7th RAAC Hosted another Artist Reception.
Featured artists were Norm Crouch (photograper) and Jim Keefe (artist/cartoonist).  

Thier work is currently on display at the Steeple Center.
Art Gallery​​​​

The Rosemount Area Arts Council manages the Art Gallery hanging in the halls of The Steeple Center. This gallery is free and open to the public during business hours of The Steeple Center. Stop by and wander the halls with a free cup of coffee or tea and take in the work of local artists and photographers.

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